Give your feet the pampering they deserve with a pedicure.

The practice of pedicuring is a long established one. It has certainly been around for a very long time, and in fact it’s been around for centuries. The good news is that today, this practice is reaching new levels of popularity. In fact, the number of people who get their feet inked every year has grown to more than 50 million! These days, women are spending as much as €15 on an average pedicure.

Why? Well, it’s not because they think they need this treatment (hey, you might get a lot of compliments on your nails), it’s more likely because they want to be ready for summer vacations or simply because they want to feel healthier and fitter. Your feet are a big part of your body. They can be made healthier by the right treatment (and this includes making sure your feet are healthy).

A pedicure can give you the pampering you deserve: we will take care of your feet from the salon till the moment you step out of the door! The procedure itself usually lasts about 45-60 minutes depending on how long you have had your nails done previously, what kind of manicure or pedicure you have had, and so forth. You can choose between spa manicures and paraffin treatments; each gives our professional team different options to make sure we give you an outstanding experience. We offer different treatments depending on what kind of pedicure you have (or if there are any allergies or problems with how we take care of your nails). We also offer manicures which will last up to 5 days! S

o if you want to get prepared for vacations or just feel better during those cool nights in Belgium, don’t hesitate any longer and book a pedicure today!

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