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The celebrity Effect on Lash Extension by Zachary Falb Novalash ,Lash inc

The first step to looking more alert ,youthful and beautiful are lash extensions.Not only do they transform a face but they save time and are so easy to maintain.Gone are days of waring mascara or applying strip lashes- the new norm are luscious lash extensions. The trends of enhancing the lashes started with the silver screen many decades ago.It’s no wonder celebrity lash trends are still filtering down to the requests of lash loving customers.

Hollywood and celebrities have taken note of the biggest beauty trend for the 21 st century

Since the early-mid 2000’s lash extensions have been gaining popularity.Advancements in technology have prolonged the retention and health and safety of the lash industry .Now it’s impossible to walk in a room with women and find someone without eyelash extension .Women of all ages love lash because they save them time and effort in the morning plus provide instant youthfulness. Your eyes are the first thing someone looks at when they meet you ;why not give them a glamorous first impression?

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