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Semi-permanent makeup, or permanent, is the latest beauty trend. Many people use it to sublimate their natural beauty without using any makeup. Here are some of the most common treatments offered today by salons, for people who want to go to semi-permanent or permanent makeup, in Brussels and elsewhere in the world –

Eyelash extension   In Brussels, eyelash extension is one of the most requested treatments. Many women around the world also opt for this choice; and why not since wake up as a princess with those hidden lash extension that will make a hole difference.i personally love ,love the make up no make up look! Some people have naturally thick eyelashes, while others have almost none! Still others lose them due to illness or medical treatment. Whatever the problem, eyelash extension is THE solution!

  Microblading eyebrows    Nowadays, having thicker and thicker eyelashes has become one of the big beauty trends, with most people choosing thicker eyebrows to add character to their faces. Thicken eyebrows with powder and gel can be tedious in everyday life. That is why so many people in Brussels prefer the microblading technique. Microblading is also ideal for people who have lost their eyebrows due to a health problem or allergy or just simply threading them incorrectly. This technique is not so expensive, and the effect lasts for between 8 months to 1 year until a retouch is required before gradually disappearing.

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