Eyelash Extensions You Can Have it at DaniArtem Studio


Now that you know how eyelash extensions work, you are probably thinking about getting them ASAP. Let’s discover the eyelash extensions that will work best for you!

1. Discovery Lashes

Trying lashes for the first time? A little worried about what they will be like, but you really want to try extensions? This is the best option for you. It is a simple, yet effective way of making your eyes shine without too much drama. It is a look that will make people say “There is something amazingly different about you, but I cannot quite tell what.” Boom. Such a lowkey, attention grabbing look. You can have this for 60€ at Dani Artem Studio!

2. Natural Classic Lashes

This is the perfect option once you have tried eyelash extensions and are ready to level up while still sticking to your natural radiance and vibe you want  These classic eyelashes 1D, 2D are individual extensions attached to your natural ones.

One step up from your first extensions, this natural, chic, classic look is for you!

You can get this for 80€ at Dani Artem Studio!

3. Mascara Lashes

Do you want to look like you are on fire? This is really it. Mascara lashes are a 2D, 3D eyelash extension that will give you a sophisticated, intense, and modern look. Say goodbye to your mascara makeup, mascara eyelash extension is coming your way. You can have this for 100€.

4. Glamour Lashes

Define the word glamourous with glamour eyelash extensions! Make the world your runway with glam giving vibe eyelash extensions. Glamourous intensity is the vibe you will give off once you have these. 120€ at Dani Artem Studio!

5. Russian

For 150€, you can turn heads at every event. This is an eye catchy, attention seeking, and conquering type of look. You either go Russian eyelash extensions, or you go home! An instant zero to 10 out of 10. Only the best for you!

Still uncertain which eyelash extensions to get? Don’t worry! Dani Artem studio will help you assess your natural ones, listen to you explain your dream look, suggest what works best, and make it happen. Have your consultation with us!

Message us or visit www.daniartem.com for inquiries or visit us Dani Artem Studio!

Questions to Consider When Deciding the Right Eyelash

Eyelash extensions are unique for each person. Your eyes are never the same as anyone else. It is not like a one size fits all. Not at all. You are as rare as your eyelash extensions. However, there are things to consider upon deciding which is the best option for you.


Do you have naturally short eyelashes? They can support longer eyelash extensions better.Do you have naturally long eyelashes? Shorter eyelash extensions are the best to give them a fuller look.Eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural eyelashes, they are made to enhance and #UpYourNaturalBeauty.


Consider your dream look. Do you want it to look natural and subtle? Go for 1D or 2D discover or classics. 1D means only putting 1 extension to your individual lashes. Discover Lashes & Natural Classic Lashes will make your dream come true at Dani Artem Studio. Do you want it intense and dramatic? Go for 3D to 6D. You can choose between Russian, Glamour and Mascara.


Basic curls: B, C, D, and L

Mega volume curls: B, C, CC, D and DD.

Still uncertain? Dani Artem Studio will help! Message us for inquiries about the best ones for you or make an appointment. Book now on www.daniartem.com!

See you soon!

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