Brow Lamination: Up Your Eyebrows and Up Your Natural Beauty!


There are multiple procedures to help you be more confident with how you look. And when I say multiple – I mean MULTIPLE. They are multiple enough to actually have difficulty differentiating which is which, and understand what really works best for you. This article is not here to tell you to get each of them, but is here to make you understand what you need to level up your natural beauty.

Brow Lamination is about the direction of your eyebrow hairs. It straightens the hair and redirects them to one single direction. It gets rid of unruly eyebrows and messy looking ones. It is a three-step process – first, the technician applies a perming solution to separate the bonds within the brows, then using a fixing solution to redirect the hairs that give it a new set and form, and lastly, a brow serum application. It lasts from 5-8 weeks.

It is the new technique that will enhance your natural brows and make it look fixed and filled. Just like the lash lift, it involves the application of a setting or lifting lotion that gives the brow hair a “brushed up” and lifted look.

If you have thick, thin, or messy looking eyebrows – Brow Lamination is going to help you set those baby hairs up. If your eyebrows look like they need some combing here and then and looking like you just woke up from a bad nightmare – then Brow Lamination is the one for you.

Let us get those eyebrows united and looking firm. Up your Eyebrow Game and take your natural beauty to the next level. You can have it at 60E in Dani Artem Studio!

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