Sharper Look with Structured Yet Natural Eyebrows: Is It Really a Thing to Men?


Definitely, beauty has no gender. Women can be pretty the same way men can. Some women are high maintenance when it comes into their looks and it is becoming more ‘accepted’ that some men are too. Women always have had some popular beauty enrichment and treatment to make them feel more confident and pretty. Now these things are no longer just exclusive to women as these are also being applied to men to make them feel more confident and look sharper.

Eyebrows make a HUGE difference with how you look or how you pull things off. It can give you an innocent, killer or boring look. With women, eyebrows are usually altered to change their overall vibe or appearance. With men, eyebrows are usually altered to make it look clean, sharper, structured yet natural.

There are multiple ways to get your eyebrows done – trimming, plucking, waxing, and threading. With trimming, you can use an electric trimmer or small scissors to cut excess hair or eyebrows that have longer growth than the rest. Plucking is using a tweezer to cut ruly or unaligned hairs. Waxing is used by applying wax in a certain direction to remove a group of unruly hairs. While threading is by using a thread to pull out hairs in a straight line.

Whatever method you prefer or you choose, the goal is to give you a sharper and more handsome look by not completely changing your vibe. The goal is to clean it and to remove unruly hairs. The best way to style your eyebrows – especially with men, is to clean it, then to shape it. With men, going more natural is more sharper. And yes, it is a thing to men the same way it is a thing to women. Eyebrow shaping definitely has no gender. Whatever makes you feel confident, handsome and better – go for it.

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