Henna Brows: Give Color to Your Eyebrows, Give Color to Your Life!


You might have read a lot of articles regarding eyebrow procedures and transformation. Yet, you’re still unsure on what you’re gonna get for you.

While Brow Lamination focuses on direction, Henna Brows is about the color of your eyebrow hairs. It gives you fuller and a bolder look using natural mixed ingredients or the Hena. It stains the skin under your eyebrows and tints the hair. It helps to fill the eyebrow gaps to make it look more filled. Your technician will help you decide the color that would look natural on you. They will have to formulate and mix these colors and apply them on your eyebrows. It lasts from 2-8 weeks.

The similarity between the two procedures is that they both give you a fuller and fulfilled look. It only depends how – it’s either through the direction of your eyebrow hairs, or through colors.

If you feel like your eyebrows are looking boring, dull and plain – get that Henna Brow. Give color to your brows! It’s 50E here in Dani Artem Studio!

If you are still unsure about what procedure is best for you – let us know here in Dani Artem Studio! We will be happy to help you decide and bring the #UpYourNaturalBeauty to reality!

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