Fulfilled Lips are Colorful Life: How Lip Shading Can Change Your Life


There are multiple reasons why a lip can look lifeless – two of them are discoloration because of smoking or the fading of the natural color. These factors are mostly amended through applying lipstick that can be tedious sometimes – especially when you have to do it daily, and even more than once a day. Yet the color can always be semi permanently painted – or shaded back.

Lip shading is a semi permanent procedure that penetrates colored ink into your skin. The shade matches your lip color. It gives you flattering, light and subtle looking lips like a balm or a lip gloss. In Dani Artem studio, they can add up to two tones of your natural lip color. There are two methods that Dani Artem Studio can offer – Baby Doll lips and Frozen Lips.

The Baby Doll method focuses on giving you a heart shaped lip by focusing on the center part of the lip. It will give you a naturally plump and youthful look. Meanwhile, Frozen Lips method is a combination of shading, outlining and filling to revive your natural lip shade.

Before doing the appointments, start by gently scrubbing and moisturizing your lips. Whichever method you prefer, the main point is to up your natural beauty by adding more color to your lips. The goal is not just to lessen the use of everyday makeup, but to make sure that you feel confident even without wearing it!

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