Have you always wanted a superstar look and gorgeous natural eyebrows, but didn’t know how?

Did you ever dream your eyebrows could look perfect, without any effort?

Are you eager to enhance your natural beauty through the most harmonious look you have ever had?

We are here for you to make sure all this happens! You deserve the best you can have with your eyebrows, that will be shaped in the most professional and glamorous way, yet very natural, by our team of experts that are waiting for you!

– Here’s what you should know about this wonderful technique:

● Microblading, also known as “eyebrow embroidery”, is the reconstruction of eyebrows.
● It is a semi-permanent makeup (application) technique, which naturally restructures the (re)shape and color of the eyebrow in an artistic manner.
● The pigmentation applied on the skin forms a stable and homogeneous color with a natural appearance.
● The technique consists of drawing each hair following the curve and the natural logic of regrowth for a natural result.
● The tattoo lasts about 2 years before it fades away. (depends of each person actually).

As Microblading is such an extraordinary and complex technique, here are some of the most asked questions:

– Is it painful?

●Microblading is a (semi pigmentation procedure for which we apply a local anesthetic,(cream) which significantly reduces the pain.

– What are the steps for a microblading procedure?

● We start by taking a picture of the eyebrows, so that you can compare it with the result.
● Then we draw hairs, stroke by stroke with a special pen.
● After the anesthetic cream is applied, we follow the design of the eyebrow drawn using the microblading tool.
● You can now enjoy your brand-new eyebrows! It’s as simple!

– How long does it take to have the microblading procedure?

● About 1:30 h.

– After how long do you need to do a retouch?

● After 8 months – 1 year.

– Once I decide to do the procedure, what should I do before the microblading?

Please take very careful note of the below recommendations:
● 48 hours before treatment: Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or cod oil.
● The waxing of the eyebrow must take place 3 days before the procedure. If necessary, the eyebrow color should be done 3 days before the procedure.
● No chemical peels or intense care within 30 days before the procedure, in order to avoid having irritation.
● No coffee or energy drinks on the day of the procedure. You must complete the consent form.
● No Botox on the forehead or eyebrows before the procedure, as it could change the shape of the micropigmentation.

– How will I need to care my eyebrows after?

Please take very careful note of the below recommendations:
● Right after the procedure, the eyebrows may be irritated and slightly swollen, which is normal.
● Do not scratch. A scab will form that will fall after a week.
● Avoid wetting your eyebrows for 3 days.
● Do not scrape off the scab.
● Do not( apply any ) and put makeup on the eyebrows for 1 week. Once the scab has fallen, apply cream for 10 days.(before you go to sleep)
● No sauna or sunbath.
● Do not go swimming for 2 weeks.

Your new diva look awaits you! You fully deserve a beautiful natural look that will help you become the best version of yourself!

We look forward to be a part of your new improved natural look!

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